President Limousine Services was established in May 1999, with the intention of providing a quality ground transportation service to general public and business sector. With that thought in mind, operational Systems are designed and implemented to accomplish that objective. As time passed, the systems have been fine tuned and perfected to a standard of performance which ensures complete accuracy resulting in uncompromising quality and unequaled service. In fact, the operational system in place today is a big reason why President Limousine Services is the best ground transportation service in the Bay Area. Our commitment has been, and will always be, focused on complete customer service satisfaction.
President’s fleet of latest models Sedans and Limousines combined with our constant effort to improve every aspect of our service, ensures our clients will always receive the “finest” service that ground transportation industry has to offer.


President Limousine Services has generated a noteworthy effort to attract, train and develop solid, professional, certified chauffeurs. All President Limousines chauffeurs undergo extensive interviewing, classroom training and testing, along with a minimum of 40 hours of comprehensive behind the wheel training. Additionally, a complete reference check is made on their driving record to ensure there have been no violations, arrests or convictions along with a reference check on work ethic, attitude and professionalism. Proper licensing in accordance with the PUC and DMV is mandatory for all chauffeurs. The DMV monitors our chauffeurs with a pull notice program. In the event that there is any activity on chauffeurs driving record we are notified immediately to address and correct the issue. An on-going training program is in effect along with motivational programs geared at keeping the level of service offered to our clients clearly focused, professional and absolutely committed to your complete satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with the best chauffeurs in the industry.

  1. Our chauffeurs always dress professionally and maintain a sharp look by wearing a black suit, White shirt, and a tie. For charters if requested tuxedoes.
  2. Our chauffeurs will gladly help the client/s on Arrivals or Departures with carrying their luggage.

Operations Department

Vital to President Limousine Services is the function and performance of the operations department. This department performs reservation fulfillment as well as maintaining the responsibility for vehicle maintenance and detail. “Timing is of the essence”. Realizing this fact, an operational system has been perfected to handle all reservations utilizing a process that the chauffeurs are properly prepared and on time for all scheduled service. And we believe communication is the key to performing a betterservice.

  • All President Limousine employees are equipped with cell phones and pagers for reporting all activities & changes.
  • All chauffeurs receive their schedule and reservations a day prior to service, so that they are organized, can recognize the time needed, and identify the direction they must take.
  • All chauffeurs are responsible to contact the office by phone or in person a minimum of two hours prior to pick-up, (depending on the distance and location of the pick-up) for purpose of making sure driver is on time. If they fail to call office within that time the manager will contact them to verify they are infect on time. This:
  • Eliminates late show or no show at the time of pick-up.
  • Eliminates any speeding and unsafe driving.
  • There is enough time to check the vehicle status.(Battery – Oil – Tire – Water)
  • If the vehicle needs wash & cleaning he/she will have time to have it washed
  • (Our company has agreement with a local car wash for all of our vehicle cleaning need.)
  • Drivers will be able to check the road traffic for any problems along the way and check the map to, if possible, takes a different route.
  • On the airline Arrivals our chauffeurs check the arriving time constantly (starting at least two hours prior scheduled time) with airline operator to make sure when the client arrives he/she meet the client at the Baggage claim or if requested at the gate at their arrival.
  • For departures we will call the customer no latter eight PM, a day before the service date to conform the time of pick-up.